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Slacker – Clifftop Love / Accident Chic 12″


This is the 2006 self-released 12″ by Slacker and was unfortunately his last vinyl output. The EP was a bit of an interesting one, even for Shem …
The A side is, essentially, a remix of the Infusion remix of Will Saul – Cliff with the vocal pieces from Evil Nine – For Lovers, Not Fighters worked in … along with a healthy rub of the Slacker production style. The whole thing coalesces surprisingly well and the amalgamation of all the parts seems like an obvious marriage of sound(s). A remix of a remix.
The B side tracks are another form of remix that takes some interestingly different parts and constructs something groovy out of them. The works sample the opening hook from the track ‘Chic Cheer’ from Chic‘s 1978 album C’est Chic, along with the Vietnam era protest spoken-word piece by Adrian Mitchell “To Whom It May Concern“. The second track on the B side is the ‘NOVO’ version of the same tune, which is to say, it’s the same track minus the Adrian Mitchell spoken-word bits.
All three songs are here for your listening enjoyment.


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