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Origin – Rage / Refined Intricacy 2×12″ promo

Rage (original mix)

This is the 2001 Renaissance 2×12″ promo release of two original tracks (and remixes) by the progressive house duo Origin.
The first disc is the original versions of both title tracks. The A side cut uses tight drum patterns and bass rumbling synth work to create a well polished millennial trance hit that received a lot of well deserved attention from the top DJs of the time.
The B side is a re-re-release of the track, with this being its last iteration and by far the most well received. Including uncredited vocals *supposedly* by Natasha Bedingfield – the hands in the air potential for this song were already well known – making it a no brainer for a Renaissance release. The fact that the label was willing to get behind these tracks are a testament to their anthemic value.
The second 12″ in the pack is the where the more interesting listening happens. The first remix comes courtesy of Brancaccio & Aisher. Their reworking is the standout piece of this package – sounding unlike any of the other works, they take the anthemic value of the original and turn it into a deeper, less linear version and add some subtle, yet complex touches of production that really flesh out the sound. Definitely my favorite of the four tunes.
The last track is the remix by Trisco. Their reworking is a driving, bass-led ride that works all the original parts into a sleek sounding, right-to-the-point kind of remix. In keeping with their own sound and production style, the duo keep the aural energy high from start to finish. A more than appropriate remix to round out this promo package.
All four sides are here for your listening enjoyment.


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