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Sister Bliss featuring John Martyn – Deliver Me 12″ promo


This is the 2000 Multiply Records promo release for the single by Faithless superstar Sister Bliss.
This particular single is a cover version of the opening song on the 1996 album X by The Beloved that features UK Modern-Folk-Legend John Martyn on vocal duty. Sadly, this was the last collaboration and (as far as I can tell through my limited knowledge of his catalog) the last work he did before passing away in 2009.
This particular piece of vinyl is noteworthy for two reasons. First, this is the only release to contain the X-Press-2 DUB mix of the track, and second, one of the only pieces of vinyl to contain the chunky, stomping remix by Lee Coombs. Both mixes bring a different energy and a more dynamic listening experience to the otherwise underwhelmingly trance-y original version. I like this piece of vinyl for the versatility it has for DJs and for the quality contained therein.

Both mixes are here for your listening enjoyment.


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