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Freaky Chakra – Peace Fixation 12″


This is the second single by Daum Bentley (under his most well known production alias) and was released on the infamous NYC label Astralwerks.
The single comes with three different remixes of the same tune, all with varying shades of spacey, tripped-out funk and fluttering sounds that are laid down in multiple layers of sonic warmth. The tracks include everything from a well place DCD sample to harsh electro breakbeats and whisping backwards synth work to other-worldly sci-fi samples and crisp drum fills.
For Me, the highlight of this vinyl is the remix by Single Cell Orchestra. Taking some of the base elements and twisting them into a spastic electrified rework, the cut stands out as something that sounds oddly frightening, yet timeless and exceptionally executed.
All three versions are here for your listening enjoyment.


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