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Alien Mutation – Starship Heart of Gold / Alqa 12″


This is the 1994 Ambient Space Acid 12″ single for two tracks by the hyper-prolific Jake Stephenson.
The A side track ‘Starship Heart of Gold’ is an ambient/deep trance composition that builds layers of synth and samples atop a deep thumping beat, which starts and stops throughout, each time highlighting the different sound textures and movements within the composition. A prime example of this particular style from the mid 90’s.
The B side track ‘Alqa” takes the vibe of the A side and expands on it, moving into deeper ambient territory with a beat that’s sparse and less intrusive to the synthetic soundscape. This is an interesting work which stands as yet another testament to the proficiency and skill of the producer. Something for the head, for sure …
Both tracks are here for your listening enjoyment.


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