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Head Honcho – Horns / Walls / Waters of Jericho 12″


Hello and welcome to 2016.
For the first post of this year, I wanted to add something special to the blog …

This is the 1995 Good Boy Records release for the work by Simon Rogers and Shem McCauley under their short lived alias Head Honcho.
This single was exceptionally scarce and very much overlooked upon its release, in part, due to the label not having many releases and only lasting for a total of three years. This release in particular was very much out of place (musically) on the label, and I think it would be fair to guess that there weren’t a whole lot of copies for this piece of vinyl’s first (and only) pressing.
The A Side contains two mixes, both of which are exclusive to this release. The first “Horns of …” is a progressive groover that uses some of the underlying bassline to move the track forward, with the occasional grinding synthline interspersed for maximum effect. This is the most simplistic version on the single, but by no means underwhelming or uninspired.
The second track on the A side is the “Walls of …” mix. This is not the same version that was later released on the Jukebox In The Sky 2002 re-release. Some attentive listeners will recognize quite a few of the same basic sonic pieces in the track, but this is a much rougher (and shorter) version than the remixed edition that came out seven years later. An interesting listen, and a good slice of production history.
The B Side track is the famous “Waters of…” mix that was featured as the opening track on the second disc of the Sasha & John Digweed – Northern Exposure: Expeditions 2xCD (and is identical to the Jukebox In The Sky re-release). The track’s appearance on the mix CD is where all the buzz was created for the song, and where the ensuing surprise/confusion for some trainspotters started [with questions like: where the track was from, who produced it, how they could’ve missed out on it, and if they could even get a copy of it, etc etc etc]. Because of the presumably small initial pressing, this 12″ has become a bit of a challenge to come by, even nowadays.
So … here it is, for you. Enjoy.