Sasha – Warewolf (BDee’s abbreviated clubdub) [unmastered WIP mix]

I’ve recently been working on a remix of Sasha – Warewolf
(from his new Scene Delete artist album/mix CD).
If you care to give it a listen, and offer any feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance …

After this, I’ll be working on a remix of the track ‘Detour’ as well.
Check back for that in the coming weeks.


3 thoughts on “Sasha – Warewolf (BDee’s abbreviated clubdub) [unmastered WIP mix]

  1. acidted

    Love the blog. You asked for comments on the remix, so here goes. Takes too long to get going (as so many tracks do). The little trumpet shards are lovely, as is the keyboards. But the main beat that occupies most of the first 3 mins is overly monotonous. I was desperate for something different by the time it faded away (tbh, I’d have switched off if it wasn’t you). The next beatless section is gorgeous. But it’s brave in club terms to have it beatless for so long. I’d have liked the returning beats to be a bit stronger though the dubbiness works well (better than the first section). The track fades rather. Could it have something more euphoric before the end?

    1. atiwygwylei Post author

      Thanks for the constructive feedback. This is definitely a WIP mix, and I’m still trying to give it some more involved production touches and tweaks (and possibly a slightly different arrangement). This is [obviously] not finished and is still far from what I would consider complete. Thanks again for taking the time to give it a listen and give me your opinion.


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