Hardkiss @ PledgeMusic

A quick post for those who don’t know about this …

Hardkiss “Delusions Of Grandeur” 20th Anniversary @ PledgeMusic

There are a number of different combinations of packages you can purchase. All are well worth the price. Also, if anyone else is going to the party on May 30th in San Francisco – I’ll be there!



4 thoughts on “Hardkiss @ PledgeMusic

    1. atiwygwylei Post author

      Hardkiss have released a pretty fantastic amount of music through this PlegeMusic campaign. Anyone would be missing out if they passed it up.
      Get to it!

  1. Josh Wink

    This is one of my most favorite records of all time!!! I used to play many of the songs a lot. I used to have it on vinyl to play at the clubs and on CD to listen to in the car and at home!!!


    I see that one of the new releases will include some additional material. Hope to dig that version up somewhere soon.


  2. Josh Wink

    Has anyone found this version online yet? I have purchased three copies in the past and don’t want to spring for a fourth but would love those extra tracks!



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