content question

Now that the blog is really up and running here on wordpress, I was looking for some feedback.
As you can see, this version of ATIWYGWYLEI is slightly different from the previous version(s).
I’ve shuttered away the word-y content of the postings and kept it to a bare minimum.
But I’ve been wondering lately, do the people who visit the blog care for my ramblings about the music I post, or do they not care if I include anything other than info/purchase/download links?

With that said, anything you have to say about it would be appreciated.


12 thoughts on “content question

  1. betweenusandthem

    I quite enjoy musings on the content. A fair amount of the items I can have some connection to when it came out, a mix tape or hearing a dj play it live. So, your insight into a record you put up for others to hear I find quite amusing and insightful. Was it a record played once that stuck with you but the crowd went away, or a track that was heard and could not leave your memory? The notes on trying to mix things together, community response, critical response, for me that’s all good info that gives great context to the posts. Any thoughts or musings to reflections on the tracks prepares the ears a bit more for what is forthcoming.

  2. AtiSKe

    I definitely agree with the above comment it’s always interesting to read how a track relates to a certain point in time and the impact it had.

  3. slacker303

    I always enjoyed your reviews / reasons for selecting the tunes / memories. Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. atiwygwylei Post author

      The condition of the acetate isn’t up to my standard for sharing. Sorry.
      When I first received it, I played it so much, and eventually retired it.
      The sound has degraded quite substantially. It’s not really listenable anymore.

  4. withinaconstantgroove

    anyone can just up releases at will and random. piece of piss. but writing about each one takes time and ability (cough!) – which makes you edit what you up to have a degree of meaning/importance/logic… so yeah, I prefer to have a few words to position each release.
    Thanks for the continued effort.


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