Giovani & Mosler – 1


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4 thoughts on “Giovani & Mosler – 1

  1. betweenusandthem

    Thanks for the posting, i had made a rip some rips years but even with lossless compression the e.q on yours sounds better. How do you record your vinyl rips? My methods need to be improved and yours are always spot on and cause me to delete my old rips.
    Many thanks as always.

    1. atiwygwylei Post author

      I clean each record thoroughly first. Then it’s: Technics SL1200-MK2 > Pioneer DJM-300 > E-MU 0202 USB converter > Mac Book Pro > Audio Hijack Pro (.wav file) > Audiophile Wave Editor > LAME compression.

  2. betweenusandthem

    What type of needle/cart do you have with your turntable? I am using an Ortofon – Concorde DJ S, but mostly got a few of them years ago to mix with, don’t think it’s quite ideal for recordings.

    1. atiwygwylei Post author

      I used the discontinued Stanton 500-II with the D5100 AL-II needle. It’s not anything expensive, but I get a nice clean /clear signal coming through, which is exactly what I want.
      The set-up transfers a bit more surface noise than I’d like to hear, but it gets the job done and I can correct any audio issues in the process of conversion to digital.


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